Monday, December 10, 2007

'07 UAW contracts: a continuing downward spiral for working people

Rank n' File organizer and agitator, Greg Shotwell, speaks with Jerry Mead-Lucero of Labor Express Radio about the 2007 contracts between the UAW, GM, Ford and Chrysler.

Greg Shotwell is a GM worker, a member of UAW Local 1753, and a member of the organization, Soldiers of Solidarity (SOS), the independent auto workers movement that boiled to the surface 3 years ago in the face of cuts at Delphi auto parts plants across the Midwest.

Shotwell talks about the the UAW contracts being a "boondagle" for workers and that UAW talk of job security is a myth when 11 plants have been slated to close - some announced just days after the contracts were ratified. He points to increased competition between plants workers over production rather than solidarity amongst the ranks based on unionism, and sees the poor turnout for the contract votes as cynicism with business union politics.

listen to interview here.

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