Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fighting in New Orleans over public housing and the future

Residents of New Orleans are trying to keep the government from tearing down public housing. Many poor and working people in NO are faced with rising rents and homelessness. Since Hurricane Katrina, the government has failed to bring people back to the city. Those who have tried to come back are barred from their old places, while the government and city council fail to open up new affordable homes and apts. Instead, Bourbon Street and the bar districts are being renovated and opened for tourists and the rich while everyday people are left out cold.

For those of us in Michigan and Detroit we see a similar crisis where city and State government build up small districts with casinos, restaurants and bars, but the mass of the citizens and poor and working classes see little benefit of this development.

Today, demonstrations of fed up NO residents were attacked by police. People wanted a moratorium on the planned demolition of public housing, instead they got abuse in the form of arrests, pepper spray, and being taserd.

Below are video's of the events. the first is a video giving background on the situation, the second is a weblink to a local NO TV station that shows the protests and subsequent attacks.

Check here for the news station videos

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