Monday, January 28, 2008

what Detroit could do with...

the $9 million dollars that went into covering up the Mayor and his administrations corruption:

- funding for the Detroit Public School system (which is estimating a $70 million shortfall)

- aid to the people (unemployment hovers at 14% with 306,208 of Detroit's citizens under the poverty line)

- money for the Detroit Universal Breakfast Program (meaning kids don't go hungry before school)

- helping with the foreclosure crisis (10% of the city's homeowners face foreclosure, that's almost 30,ooo homes)

- reversing the concessions that the Mayor's Chief of Staff, Beatty, wrestled from the City Unions

and the list goes on.

the current "gotcha" moment for the mayor isnt about his affair with Chief of Staff Beatty, its not about the cops who were canned (and then sued for those millions) because they knew to much of his mess ups, its about the Mayors blatant disregard for accountability and using his position to take advantage of the city and its scarce resources. Its is also about all these government officials living large at the expense of the citizens. "fishing trips" to cover affairs, using the city's credit cards to pay for expensive nightclubs, cops suing for the city's money, all this is corrupt. we need new organization in this city. we need to cut off these crooks. we need accountability and oversight.

even if the mayor survives this mess, we need to be raising the idea of expanding the power of a new and broadened council of city delegates that cooperate with community and labor councils. we need to decentralize the power. and we need associations that are determined by us people at the bottom, not the top.

Mayor Kilpatrick represents one wing of the ruling class, and despite all his charm and style he is a corrupt politician who is looking to build and benefit the corporations and upper classes of this society while everyday people struggle. our future, the future of Detroit, and the future of a troubled Michigan rests with accountability and collective self-governance, not the rule of a few.

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