Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 19th: anti-racist militants challenge and disrupt nazis

Solidarity & Defense is an anti-racist,anti-fascist group. We actively confront neo-Nazis. We support grassroots action against Nazis.

As reported previously by Solidarity & Defense, the National Socialist Movement (N.S.M.) who have recently moved their HQ to Michigan, had planned to stage a rally in Washington D.C. to protest immigration.

Early reports put the N.S.M’s numbers at 30 to 50, not the hundreds they had earlier proclaimed were gonna show up. Instead it was anti-racists who numbered in the hundreds to disrupt the Nazis. The State police agencies provided heavy protection for the Nazi’s as a result there were some arrests of anti-racists who attempted to inflict some street justice on the Nazis.

Reports have said the Nazis were punched and kicked, even pepper sprayed by anti-racists. Along with this it is being said that some of the cops who were protecting the Nazis were also assaulted with bottles, rocks and mace.

Anti-racists came as far away as the Midwest and northern New York.

Marching with the N.S.M. was Hal Turner, a neo-Nazi radio show host. Turner also participated in a rally with the N.S.M in Grand Rapids last year. Also there were associates of the group White Revolution (WR), an offshoot of the National Alliance(NA). WR is led by Billy Roper. Roper was the street organizer for the National Alliance in the late 1990’s and led several semi-mass Nazi marches in D.C. between 2001 and 2002. Roper had previously been responsible for some of the more successful organizing of Nazis. He was expelled from the NA after an internal power struggle for the that organizations leadership. WR hasn’t amounted to much since then, however. It is known that Roper and WR dislike the N.S.M. and consider them a ridiculous caricature of national socialist politics. Roper has also ridiculed the N.S.M.s lack of street fighting experience and organizational discipline.

Still, despite the poor D.C. showing for the N.S.M. it would be a mistake to write them off altogether. While the N.S.M.’s attempts to rally forces under the swastika have proven less than successful, the Nazis can still carry out clandestine attacks – vandalism, beatings, intimidation – on people, as well as lobbying politicians to inact anti-immigration laws. The N.S.M. can also work undercover with more “populist” anti-immigration groups like the Minute Men, Save Our State or the Young Americans for Freedom. Once in these formations, Nazi’s can act as a political pole by raising more extreme positions and plans for action. This allows for a broader hearing of their views and can shift the already reactionary anti-immigration/anti-working class and poor movement even further Right.

With the above said, S&D says we need to network, support, and aid in the defense of working people who find themselves as immigrants here. We reject the borders and nationalism that divides our class.

Here are links to reports on the DC action.

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DC Independent Media with link to audio report by WSQT Guerrilla Radio

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The second Nazi organizing attempt was from Philadelphia, PA.

Nazis from the Keystone State Skinheads(KSS) and Maryland Skinheads(MDS) planned to disrupt a march and rally for former Black Panther, and death row prisoner, Mumia Abu-Jamal. Mumia, a lifelong Black liberation movement organizer and famed journalist, is facing a renewed threat to his life by the U.S. government court system. Supporters are trying to rebuild the justice movement that has stood with him and other such organizers.

The KSS and MDS stated they would counter-protest the Mumia rally. Nazis put up fliers around town the night before, which were promptly torn down by anti-racists.

At the rally 30 Nazis showed up and stood with signs. The Nazis were protected once again by the police. After the demonstration one of the Nazis was beat down as he tried to intimidate the Mumia supporters.

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