Saturday, August 30, 2008

Solidarity & Defense will be updating our site over the next several days with news and interviews from the anti-Republican National Convention organizing that is taking place in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Solidarity & Defense rejects the platforms and policies of the Republicans and Democrats. We maintain that the real CHANGE we need comes only through the actions of masses of everyday people thinking, acting, and experimenting with politics at the grassroots. It is through directly democratic organizations in which all have the opportunity to participate and have their say, that we understand movements are built - Movements that themselves are capable of creating new societies based on justice, dignity, and liberation.

Solidarity & Defense is an endorser of the Anti-Capitalist Bloc (Red & Black Bloc). this call has been initiated by the Twin Cities Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World.

news and updates:

St. Paul and Minneapolis: More Police raids Saturday Morning

Illegal Police Raid on Anti-RNC Covergence Space in St. Paul

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