Thursday, September 4, 2008

Poor Peoples March

After Hundreds of arrests the day before during the main march agianst the RNC, and a visible increase in a police tactic to intimidate, it was a question if the Poor Peoples March would continue as planned.

As crowds gathered in Mears Park riot police marched in and surrounded the park. Protesters with red and black flags were identified and harassed, but not immediately arrested. Police attempted to have the marches organizers expel "anarchists" but the Poor People's March organizers resisted this pressure and welcolmed all who would stand with the goals of the march.

Undercover cops mingled in the crowd. An Indy media journalist was arrested which sparked a brief surge towards the police lines with chants of "Let 'em go!". as the march took off it had roughly 500 participants. The march was constantly followed by police.

As the march came towards the capital on its way to the Xcel center, an impromptu show by Rage Against the Machine (RATM) which was canceled by the police helped to increase the Poor Peoples March by several thousand. With no RATM show, audience goers joined in and marched towards the Xcel center and the Republicans. Police began to build up their ranks again and after the end of the march attacked the crowd.

Indy Media Pictures:
March For Our Lives: Gallery 1 from Poor People's March on the RNC
March For Our Lives: Gallery 2 from Poor People's March on the RNC

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