Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January 11th , Hart Plaza, 1pm. Rally outside of the North American International Auto Show.

Make the Bankers and Bosses Pay!
Labor and Poor Organize to Fight Back!

Labor Notes, Soldiers of Solidarity, and the organizers of the recent auto caravan to DC are calling on labor and community supporters to join in a rally to “stand behind auto workers and all workers who are bearing the brunt” of the economic crisis and the bosses continuing attacks on the working classes.

Despite the recent bailouts – Wall Street and the global economic institutions, followed by GM and Chrysler –thousands of working people connected to auto will lose their jobs. Our cities and communities already facing tough times are looking at a further downward spiral. The breakdown in auto is leading to a wave of City, County, and State agencies across Michigan and the Rustbelt slashing jobs and limiting access to needed social services.

We are calling for a broader organizing initiative of labor and the poor. We can not rely on the government or the Union leaderships that have made concession after concession. We need an independent social movement that can fight for the remnants of militant labors gains as well articulate new visions for long-term community and class survival.

Join with Solidarity & Defense around the Black & Red banners. Meet at Hart Plaza, 12:30 PM

Black & Red are the colors of the mass strike. Black & Red are the colors of revolutionary unionism. Black & Red are the colors of the popular and participatory resistance movements. Black & Red are the colors under which movements march against the State, authority, and injustice.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck and Solidarity, comrades!


Twin Cities IWW
CWA Local 7250

cybermarx said...

Good luck with the rally. This is a great event (and the call out is brilliant). I look forward to the pictures of red and black flying in the wind.

Alex (personal capacity)
Common Cause Ontario

organizing said...

Good statement and call as usual. Looking forward to the after action report back --- and some cool photos.

Ye ole syndicalist