Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Join the Detroit Workers protest against cuts and austerity.

Detroit Workers protest against cuts and austerity. Against the Mayors office!
Wednesday August 19th, 4:30pm at the City-County Building downtown Detroit (in front of the Spirit of Detroit Statue ).

Detroit is faced with receivership (Sate takeover of operations due to bankruptcy). Mayor Bing and City Council President Cockrell are arguing: for 10-20% cuts in city workers pay; cuts in city services including limiting weekend bus service routes; privatization of city book keeping and finance depts; the bringing of DPS (Detroit public Schools) under direct control of the Mayors office.

An assortment of union locals, teachers, and community organizations plan to organize resistance against the City's proposals. The tasks are daunting with much of the militant organized labor having been dispersed and beaten in to retreat. We must build fighting movements that can both act with clear ideas and strategies for building a popular labor and citizens struggle. These movements must be determined and controlled by its base - the rank and file.

It will be over the next several weeks that workers and our communities can determine the potentials for such a fighting movement.

Join the demonstrations, be seen, be heard, and connect with others who want to raise up the D from its downward spiral!

S&D reading group meeting

Solidarity and Defense study group this
Saturday August 22nd at noon.
will take place at the NorthStar Center.

Last time we read and discussed
"The Two Main Trends in Anarchism"
by Wayne

To follow up on this article it was decided to
read a sample from each very
broad trend.
For this Saturday we are reading and discussing
Hakim Bey's
"Temporary Autonomous Zones"

and Tom Wetzel's "Social Anarchism,
Individualist Anarchism, the State and



There are also copies of both articles
available at NorthStar (starting

Hope you can join us for the discussion.

For more information on
Solidarity and Defense please check: