Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Malcolm X day - May 19th

Today was the birthday of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz aka Malcolm X. Born Malcolm Little.

Anarchists reject the cult of personality and notions of the "great men of history". We see people for what they are and attempt to understand peoples importance both as individuals and as members of the social collective. Within everyone there is a unique character. The society we live in attempts to grind us down, enslave us to its morality and law. It is understandable for many to adapt to these pressures in the course of survival. But there are moments that open up and allow for people to break with this society and its commands.

Individuals can in one moment, in the course of a fundamental change in their lives, see the world differently and embark on a new path. People weigh their old lives and ideas to new ones. The old transforms and gives way to new conclusions. Through that process, people are
reborn. Malcolm was reborn. He came of age in a world marked by mass oppression of Black people. But he also came of age in which Black people were struggling for dignity and emancipation. Malcolm came to symbolize an ongoing transformation of mind and life. He defined himself in opposition to the corrupt unjust and white supremacist order. He moved from gangster to Black Separatist to Afro-American Nationalist. Before his death he was moving towards a more holistic vision of radical socialism and anti-imperialism.

"Telegram to George Lincoln Rockwell (Leader of the American Nazi Party)"

Malcolm X


This is to warn you that I am no longer held in check from fighting white supremacists by Elijah Muhammad's separatist Black Muslim movement, and that if your present racist agitation against our people there in Alabama causes physical harm to Reverend King or any other black Americans who are only attempting to enjoy their rights as free human beings, that you and your Ku Klux Klan friends will be met with maximum physical retaliation from those of us who are not hand-cuffed by the disarming philosophy of nonviolence, and who believe in asserting our right of self-defense -- by any means necessary"

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