Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) 3906 Stands in Solidarity with the Detained G20 Protesters

I am writing on behalf of CUPE 3906, representing over 3000 academic
workers at McMaster University, to condemn the arrest, detention and
abuse of 900 G20 protesters.

Reports from the Movement Defense Committee?s Summit Legal Support
Project indicate that protesters are given incorrect information about
the bail process and denied timely access to counsel and release.
Meanwhile, those peacefully protesting the detention are subject to
police assault and illegal detention.

G20 Protesters are standing up for values of justice, equality, and
rights for working class people, indigenous people and the
environment. The unprecedented, violent response of the Harper
government, the Toronto Police, and the Integrated Security Unit marks
an attack on all of our democratic rights. It is a clear program of
intimidation, silencing and assault on people of conscience who oppose
the neoliberal agenda of the G20 leaders.

CUPE 3906 calls upon the government to ensure that courts and crown
attorneys act to enforce constitutional rights, to end of the program
of police violence and intimidation against G20 protesters and their
families and to hold accountable those officers and elected officials
responsible for this attack on democracy.

CUPE 3906 stands in solidarity with the detained G20 protesters in
their fight for release, fair representation, and justice.

In solidarity,
Mary Ellen Campbell
President, CUPE 3906

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