Sunday, March 14, 2010

Callout to Confront INSF ‘White Pride World Wide’ March in Chicago

Solidarity & Defense endorse this call:

Callout to Confront INSF ‘White Pride World Wide’ March in Chicago

UPDATE: Download the flyer: (English JPG, Spanish JPG, or Quarter-page Printable PDF) and also call the hotline at 773-980-6013 for day-of updates about the action.

On March 21st, 2010 the Illinois National Socialist Front is planning to march in Chicago for what they call “White Pride World Wide”. South Side Anti-Racist Action is making plans to confront the march to let them know that they are not welcome in our city.

March 21st is recognized as International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination because of the massacre of demonstrators demanding an end to apartheid in Sharpesville, South Africa in 1960. However in 2000, neo-nazi and white nationalist organizations came together to attempt to reclaim March 21st as “White Pride World Wide” day against “multi-racial supremacy”.

The Illinois National Socialist Front is a neo-nazi organization primarily based in Peoria and the suburbs of Chicago, some of which are former members of Bill White’s American National Socialist Workers Party. Over the past year they have organized a variety of events including nazi barbeque recruiting events, a speaking event celebrating Hitler’s birthday, a rally against the opening of Holocaust museum in Skokie, a Belleville protest of “black-on-white hate crimes”, and more. They have shown efforts in working with other hate groups such as the National Socialist Movement and are attempting to gather regional support for the White Pride march in Chicago by posting information to websites such as Stormfront and Vanguard News Network.

Besides the activity of neo-nazi hate groups, fascism is still alive in many forms across the US from attacks on immigrant communities to homophobic hate crimes. Even in Chicago, racist graffiti has been seen very recently – an indication that even in Obama’s America, racism is far from being over with. The INSF’s intention to march in Chicago shows that they are growing bolder and aren’t go away unless we take a stand.

South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action is calling out for other groups inside and outside of Chicago to stand with us against fascism. Join us to confront the National Socialist Front’s march on March 21st!

South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action
Gay Liberation Network
Four Star Anarchist Organization
News & Letters
Bash Back
North Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action
Progressive Labor Party
sort sol collective

Get in contact if you are interesting in endorsing and/or helping organize this action:

The INSF has not announced the location of the march yet – but check back at the above websites for additional information as the date approaches. You could also call our update hotline at 773-980-6013

Friday, March 5, 2010

Two Views of the United Auto Workers

from Gathering Forces:

In early November, Ford workers voted down by a large margin a concessions package that would have accelerated two tier hiring and given away the right to strike for 6 years.

Here are two views on the meaning of the Ford workers vote and on the role of the UAW in the offensive against autoworkers and whether it should be by-passed altogether or it can be reformed.

from comments:

"The initial subject of this discussion is an emerging potential for working class resistance to a prolonged experience of class accommodations that uniformly have turned out to be defeats.

One strand, thankfully it appears to be a minority, suggests that this should be channeled into union reform where unions currently exist and implies support for parallel approaches to organizing where they don’t. But that approach rests on little more than the very partial and limited truth that activated workers, “…will first look to the union.” It ignores that there have been hundreds of such union reform and revitalization efforts over many decades just in this country without any example – specifically including the
TDU experience – that might reasonably be called a strategic success. While some leftists may be unaware of this reality, it will hardly be news for autoworkers.

These union reform politics fit comfortably within a social democratic perspective preoccupied with incremental “successes”. Unfortunately, they also have a foothold among radicals and revolutionaries. For a case in point, read the last paragraph in Shawn Hattingh’s otherwise excellent description of the current wildcat mine occupations in S. Africa. (ZNet, 2/3/10).

For a very good treatment of the underlying political issues from an anarcho-syndicalist perspective, I’d recommend the 2009 paper, “Strategy & Struggle” by the Brighton Solidarity Federation."

Updates on Yesterday's Student Protests and Occupations

From Infoshop:

Students and college staff across the United States today are participating in protests and occupations to protest budget cuts, tuition increases and much more.

Search for updates on Twitter using #march4
Pics: UCLA | UCSC | UMass | Sacramento
March 4 Updates from Occupy California
California: Thousands rally on campuses, streets for schools
Democracy Now: Hundreds of Thousands Take Part in National Day of Action to Defend Public Education
Fresno State students, faculty rally against cuts
U.S. students protest fee hikes at universities
Millions Protest Education Cuts in California
Students Rally Against Education Budget Cuts at Cal State Los Angeles
Rowdy protester target funding cuts at US campuses
March, Walkout, Rally, and Sit-in at CSU-Fresno
16 UW-Milwaukee protesters detained after scuffles
Rowdy protests target funding cuts at US campuses
UCLA: UCLA students still sitting-in inside of Murphy Hall! 50 students inside, police just declared it an unlawful assembly.
Arizona State: Banner drop at ASU
UC Berkeley: Sather Gate blocked
NYC: Walk-Out / Indoor demo at CUNY Hunter
UC Santa Cruz shut down
Berkeley Pre-Game Communiqué (That's Not The Sky, That's The Ceiling)
Updates from UC Santa Cruz
San Diego: Black community lends UCSD students support
Day of education protests gets under way
Day Of Action Dawns With Excitement; Protests Underway
Thousands of Students Taking Part in National Day of Action to Defend Public Education
Banner at UC Riverside
Claremont, Calif.: Students Support Worker Demands for Independent Unions and End to Abuses
Georgia: Student leader: Drastic cuts ‘a death knell
 for public education’
California: Protests, rallies mark "Day of Action" for education funding
California Students Protest Education Cuts
D.C. area: Area students will protest higher education tuition hikes
List of Bay Area Protests


Following String of Racist Incidents, UC San Diego Students Occupy Chancellor’s Office
March 4 the Regents!: How and Why a Movement gets Co-opted
Communique from the occupied HCC: The Evergreen State College, Coast Salish Territories
Why we reject the plan to fix the schools by cutting prison funding
December 2009: Update on Student Struggle in California
Bankrupt the System, Exploit The University
The Bricks We Throw at Police Today Will Build the Liberation Schools of Tomorrow
Four Theses on The Invisible University


Occupy California
Occupy Everything!
Reclaim UC
Stand Up For Schools
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