Tuesday, July 20, 2010

National Days of Action Against Racism & Fascism

Monday August 2nd
Protest & Picket Against
SB 1070 Copy Cat
Legislation in Michigan
Capital Building
Lansing, MI - Corner of Michigan & Capitol

The State of Arizona recently passed Bill SB 1070, which tasks local police departments with asking for proof of residency if they have reasonable cause to suspect someone is an undocumented immigrant. What this really means is that you will be asked for papers if you are brown or have an accent.. This is racial profiling, and a copy cat version of this legislation has been introduced in Michigan by Representative Kim Meltzer. This threat to working people in Michigan cannot go unanswered and will not be ignored. Join us in Protesting this Racist Legislation!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

National Days of Action Against Racism & Fascism

Saturday July 31st
Anti Fascist BBQ & Concert
w DJ Ruckus, P.h.I.l.t.h.y., The Amature,
J Young the General & Guests
@NorthStar 106 Lathrop St. Lansing, MI 48912

Please Join us for a day of food and music celebrating anti-racist and anti-fascist organizing. Explicitly neo-nazi and fascist activity has exploded in Michigan in the last few years and is positioning itself within the anti-immigrant and tea party activities. They cannot be ignored and should be confronted wherever they appear. This concert and BBQ will be highlighting past local struggles against fascists and racists. It will also continue conversations on how we can confront and defeat the fascists & racists active in Michigan. Food will be provided but feel free to bring a dish to pass. No Alcohol.